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Choosing the Right Paint Finish Made Easy

Are you planning for your next interior painting project and indecisive about the best paint finish? There are different types of paint finish and they vary in appearance. It’s important to give paint sheen careful consideration when planning your painting project. We are going to give you a thorough explanation of different paint finishes to    […]

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How Often Do You Need To Repaint Your Walls?

Maintaining home décor is a task that has no end and painting your walls is one of the most popular ways to revamp your space. While you might feel like you can put off painting your walls and wait until they start to seem dirty before applying a fresh coat, walls have their own needs too. This leaves    […]

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What can I do to Get the Brownish Water Stains off the Side of my House?

On an average, most homeowners want to keep a clean and tidy home. However, there are several instances where we find homes that get stained. In order to get a completely clean home, you need to remove all stains from the sides of your home, if there are any. Brown stain marks near the water supply of    […]

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Are Calming Paint Colors “in” this Year?

Decorating your old, or outdated, home is no longer a challenge.  Today there are so many design ideas in the “decor marketplace” that designers are seeing a rise in clients who know what they want and how to implement it in their space with little or no help from the professionals.  Many new and innovative    […]

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Choose Fail-Proof Colors for Your Room

One of the most difficult decisions to make when it comes to repainting your home is what color to paint the walls. With thousands of paint colors around, it is really tough for an individual to choose one particular color.  Even if you give one hundred percent of your attention to choosing the perfect color, you’ll    […]

3 Tips for Repainting Your Brick House

When homeowners want to update the appearance of their brick home with a fresh coat of paint, it is really important to select the correct materials.  Brick was an extremely popular building method in the past, however, over time the brickwork and mortar of the home may start to fade. If you are considering painting    […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Color for your Interior Project

There are an infinite number of color choices when it comes to painting. Painting the interior part of your house can be a fun project for some people, but could be a nightmare for others who are overwhelmed by so many color choices.  These quick tips could help you avoid the confusion when it comes    […]

Professional Painting Contractors Can Provide a Big Bang for Your Buck

For many people, their most valuable asset is their home. It is considered the largest single purchase an individual will ever make.  The thing about owning a home is you have maintenance to keep up with and periodically this will include painting and touching up to improve the look, feel, and value of your house.    […]

Summer Exterior Projects Not to be Ignored

Fall and spring are often peak seasons for exterior painting (for obvious, weather related reasons!)  However, there are a few summer projects that can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.

Essential Tools That Make Exterior Painting Easier

Now that you have finalized the stages of your exterior painting project, it’s time to finalize the necessary tools that will get your home exterior properly painted.  Maybe you are planning to replace and paint your trim or simply want to add a new splash of color to your windows and doors, whatever your agenda    […]