Fall and spring are often peak seasons for exterior painting (for obvious, weather related reasons!)  However, there are a few summer projects that can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.

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Repainting Your Front Door:

Summer is a good time to check the painted surface, as well as the overall condition, of your front door. Your front door creates the first impression of your living place. You should readily repair all signs of damage that you see on your doors. It is also important to apply primer and touch-up the paint wherever needed. For better results use one/two coats of durable, top quality, latex paint. The best thing is to contact an exterior painting Venice, FL contractor to help you to change the appearance of your front door as well as your entire home.

Get Rid Of the Mildew from The Exterior:

Summer’s scorching sun, unbearable temperatures, high humidity, and rainy weather create a perfect combination for mold and mildew. These factors create an environment that generates dust and dirt that can stick to your siding and trim. These provide enough nutrients for the foul fungi to flourish. It is important to treat the affected area by scrubbing away the dirt and mildew with a bleach/water solution and applying fresh paint on the thoroughly cleaned surface. By doing this you can actually prevent more mold and mildew from getting a firm grip on your home in the future.

Rectify and Repair Minor Paint Blunders:

Summer is a good time for preventative maintenance.  Taking care of any small issues now will save you the headache of a big painting problem in the future. A good inspection of your home exterior will reveal all signs of trouble including peeling, flaking, or blistering paint. Hiring an exterior painting Venice, FL contractor to repair all your minor paint mistakes is also a great way to save your investment in your exterior painting project.