Latex Deck Coatings are gaining remarkable popularity over the traditional oil-based paint coats – thanks to the durability of latex coating. Latex paints are long lasting and cost-effective since they need to be re-applied less frequently.

Acrylic Deck Coatings

This is the reason why lots of people today are using water-based latex paints on decks and other exposed wood. However, durability is only among the numerous advantages of latex deck coatings.

Long Lasting Performance:

Deck coatings that are made with 100% latex offer a long lasting performance, have exceptional adhesion, and offer excellent flexibility when subjected to changing weather conditions. Good quality latex deck coating, offered by the best exterior painting Nokomis, FL, contractors, is even resistant to sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Latex deck coating also has brilliant performance benefits. One of these major benefits is that it helps create and maintain an attractive appearance for your deck. When applied, latex coating offers lapping resistance, wet abrasion resistance, and uniform erosion.

Lapping Resistance:

Lapping resistance is an important benefit that is especially important when applying semi-transparent latex deck stains. The lapping resistance ensures that if you overlap your brushstrokes or roller marks during the exterior painting job, it is not going to be very apparent. It will still provide you with a consistent looking finish.

Wet Abrasion:

Wet abrasion enables the deck coating to dry very quickly. It offers a great performance benefit as well – there is little or no chance the newly applied paint coats or finish will be accidentally wiped off or washed away in a sudden shower, even when the coatings are placed for only a few minutes.

Uniform Erosion:

Another benefit of latex deck coating is that it helps in uniform erosion. Latex paint finish can be used in a very consistent manner, rather than in a splotchy manner. A finish that erodes here and there is likely to begin flake and peel, which can only be corrected by re-finishing the entire deck. However, with latex deck coating, this type of problem is very rare.