12 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home with Paint

Check out this article from Redfin featuring tips, from across the country, for revamping your home with a little bit of paint.  You may even see a tid-bit from a certain South West Florida painting company!!

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Paint Colors Can Improve Your Mood

Paint Colors Can Improve Your Mood

Some homeowners consider their décor as a matter of aesthetics, but the truth is that there are certain colors that can improve the mood of any person inside the room and other colors that can actually aid someone who is trying to focus while studying or working.  The colors you choose for each room of    […]

Oh, No… Rust! What to Do Before You Paint Over Rust

Oh no, Rust!... What To Do Before Painting Over Rust

Painting almost any item, from furniture to walls and even metal objects, requires some pre-planning if you want the results to be what you were expecting them to be.  You need to make sure that the object you’re about to paint is ready for the paint job itself.  Whether you wish to paint a metal    […]

Ways to Remove Permanent Markers from a Wall before You Paint

Ways to Remove Permanent Markers from a Wall before You Paint

Permanent markers, such as Sharpies, can be your best friend or your worst enemy – depending on how you look at it.  If you are interested in repainting a wall in your home but need to get rid of the permanent marker splattered on it, there are easy ways to do so.  Fortunately, most of    […]

Ideas for Painting Your Master Suite

Ideas for Painting Your Master Suite

It can quickly become difficult to decide which colors to choose for the master suite of your home, especially when you consider how quickly modern trends and fashions shift with each coming year.  There are a number of beneficial colors which stand the test of time while providing you with a modern and attractive new    […]