Paint Colors Can Improve Your MoodSome homeowners consider their décor as a matter of aesthetics, but the truth is that there are certain colors that can improve the mood of any person inside the room and other colors that can actually aid someone who is trying to focus while studying or working.  The colors you choose for each room of your home will play a real, quantifiable role in the way you go about your daily routine, and combining great paint colors with cohesive furniture and decorations will only increase the effects. Color is a universal, unspoken language instinctively known by all humans, and you may use these to affect your own emotions and even the behavior of guests in your home.

For the Living Room

The living room is the part of the home in which family members, friends, and any other guests congregate to tell stories, eat, watch TV, and just spend time together.  In this room, it is best to utilize warm tones such as yellows and oranges or earth tones such as brown and beige so that those inside the room feel more relaxed and content.  A room with such colors will feel warmer and more inviting, effectively producing the “comfy” feeling many people refer to when walking into a particularly well put together room.

For the Kitchen

The choice of using red in your kitchen has been found to slightly improve appetite and produce a warmer atmosphere for those using the space.  Cooler colors, such as white and blue, are more relaxing and may help slow down the often frantic atmosphere found inside a kitchen, so that you may focus on each task with better clarity.  No matter if you live alone and cook for yourself or put together a feast for a family five nights a week, calming colors add to a more comfortable atmosphere and allow those in the room to begin unwinding and relaxing after a hard day at work or school.


Green and blue will help you better make use of your time if you are studying.  Although blue is believed to have a calming effect on people, it is also thought to stimulate productivity, making it the ideal option for any student’s room as they continue to work toward high marks and a reliable career option in the distant future.  You already know your teenager is exceptionally gifted and intelligent, and painting their room the right color will only improve their ability to make use of such talents as they move forward.

For a room that is for younger children, perhaps a beautiful shade of green will offer a benefit by promoting a more lively, energetic atmosphere for the children using the room.  Children not only love to play, but need to remain fit and healthy as they grow older, and it is through play that children learn all of the basic skills of life such as walking and grasping.  It is thus in your best interest to take the color of their room, as well as the other rooms of the home, seriously.