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How to Paint Exterior Concrete Like a Pro

Concrete is considered to be the most popular building material since it is inexpensive and durable. However, a plain, dull, exterior concrete tends to be little boring to look at. An ideal solution to change the appearance of your old concrete wall is to paint it! All you need is to use some special supplies    […]

How to Pick The Perfect White For Your Kitchen

For a classic and clean kitchen, white paint is the best because it gives your kitchen a trendy and simple look. Given that space, lighting, moods, and personal preferences all vary, there are many factors that you need to consider while choosing the perfect white paint for your kitchen. We turned to many expert painting contractors    […]

Calculating the Cost Per Square Foot of Exterior Painting

A new coat of paint can give your house a fresh look. Although you are going to hire professional painters to do the job, knowing how to calculate cost per square foot for exterior house painting is always helpful to estimate the costs of your project. Calculating the price per square foot can also provide    […]

3 Summertime Interior Painting Ideas

When it comes to your home’s exterior it is usually not neccessary to repaint very often, however, you are likely to change your interior wall colors more frequently.  A quick, easy, and inexpensive interior painting project will also increase the beauty of your home. There is never a wrong time to plan an interior painting    […]

3 Evergreen Summertime Color Ideas to Paint Interior Walls

3 Evergreen Summertime Color Ideas to Paint Interior Walls When it comes to your home’s exterior painting, you get the best chance to color only every so often – just once a decade if you applied long-lasting top quality paint. However, the situation is not the same with the interior painting. If you want to    […]

Why Latex Deck Coatings are Preferred in Exterior Painting

Latex Deck Coatings are gaining remarkable popularity over the traditional oil-based paint coats – thanks to the durability of latex coating. Latex paints are long lasting and cost-effective since they need to be re-applied less frequently. This is the reason why lots of people today are using water-based latex paints on decks and other exposed wood.    […]

Things You Must Know When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

House painting should be done professionally because it not only preserves your house, but beautifies it.  Exterior home painting gives your house its final appearance while also adding value.  It is very important for a home owner to carry out thorough research on how to paint your home’s exterior.  You need to be sure about the    […]

The POWER of power-washing your house painting project

If pictures are worth a thousand words, what does this say to you? From eww…to wow!! This is a recent home we pressure washed in North Port, FL for customers of ours. Guess what? I took one look at the photo from google maps street view and said, “We are going to pressure wash the    […]