A new coat of paint can give your house a fresh look. Although you are going to hire professional painters to do the job, knowing how to calculate cost per square foot for exterior house painting is always helpful to estimate the costs of your project. Calculating the price per square foot can also provide you with the ability to purchase the exact amount and type of paint for your exterior.Exterior Painting

The Price of Paint and Materials:

You need to consider the price of paint and materials used in the exterior painting job. This will help you to calculate the cost per square foot. You need to include all equipment for cleaning, blending, applying, and preparing paint in the exterior painting cost. It is also important to include the cost of labor.

Estimate the Amount of Paint & Primer:

When calculating the cost of exterior painting, you need to estimate the amount of paint, primer, base paint, etc. Usually an exterior paint cost may range from $15 to $60 per gallon. The cost may be higher if you want to use designer or specialty paint. A professional exterior painting Sarasota, FL will also help you by providing a proper paint cost estimation.

The Length of Your Exterior Wall:

While calculating the cost of exterior painting, it is important to calculate the length of exterior walls by multiplying the length by width of the walls that you want to paint. It is also important to measure the height and width of each door and window that you need to paint. Then you need to combine the totals for each doors and window and subtract the door/window total amount from the room square footage. This will give you an exact length estimate while calculating the cost for exterior house painting.

Typically, the average length of a window is 16 square feet and the average door is 21 square feet. If the window or door is slightly smaller, you can multiply the total by 0.80. If it is larger, you can multiply by 1.5.

Cost of Spray Painting:

For a small painting job it is not economical to use a sprayer, which can typically cost hundreds of dollars. Spray painting tends to get a portion of the total paint on the intended surface. However, you can reduce the cost per square foot for exterior painting by using spray painting in large paint jobs. For better paint estimate you can consult a professional exterior painting Port Charlotte, FL contractor.