Brick can look really great in your home; providing a layer of texture and warmth. However, if your brick wall looks dated and dirty do not despair, you can give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint to let the natural beauty shine through.

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Mentioned below are some general steps on how to paint your interior brick wall.

Cleaning the Brick Wall:

Just as in any other interior painting project, you will need to prepare the surface prior to applying paint on the brick wall. A finely cleaned brick surface will ensure that the paint will properly adhere to the wall. You can use a hard bristle or wire brush to remove the dirt, soot, and grease from the wall. It is also helpful to use a shopvac to clean all the dust and dirt away from the brick. Experienced painters, like interior painting Sarasota contractors, also suggest wetting the brick wall for a while so that the dirt starts to loosen from the wall.

Repair the Brick:

Over the years, your brick wall has probably gotten a few holes or cracks in it, which will need to be filled prior to painting. The best way to do this is to use caulking for seams/cracks and lightweight spackling for bigger holes.

Complete the Priming:

Primer is the most important thing for the brick walls. You can use latex primer on the brick wall, but while dealing with mortar, you need to take time to choose a good quality primer. After applying the first coat of paint, you should wait two hours then apply the next coat (or coats) because brick is extremely porous.

For any other information regarding brick wall painting, you can contact the local interior painting Port Charlotte, FL Contractors.