It is really important to prepare the exterior of your house before you begin painting.  Proper preparation can determine if your project runs smoothly or not. However, it is important to note that not all surfaces are prepped the same way. Here are some of the best ways to deal with the hazards associated with preparing the exterior surfaces of your home.


It is very important in any prepping situation to begin with the 3 Absolutes of Painting: Clean, Dull, Dry. In order to clean your home before painting the exterior a thorough power washing of the home is necessary, especially if there is any mold/mildew present. Proper paint adhesion depends on the 3 Absolutes of Painting: Clean, Dull, Dry!

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New Wood Siding:

You need to make sure that you brush the wood clean, working from the top down. It is also important to caulk after you stain or prime. When you want to paint or use a solid-color stain, you can set any nails that the carpenters missed below the surface by filling the holes with caulk.

Weathered Wood Siding:

Color stain works very well on unpainted, weathered wood. When you are planning to paint, it is the best policy to power wash and sand the wood surfaces in order to smooth wood fibers that have raised over time and exposed. You can remove as much as 1/8 inch of the gray, weathered surface to get to natural, un-weathered wood. If you are staining your surface, you will need to use a wood restore along with the power washing to bring back its natural color.

Previously Painted Siding:

In order to prepare previously painted siding, you need to scrape off any loose paint. Use an electric sander to smooth and feather the hard edges, left by chipped paint, after scraping. It is also important to prime any areas of bare wood and caulk all joints. Another important surface preparation task is to set any popped nails, fill the holes with caulk, and spot-prime to prevent rust bleed. There are many painting contractors in Florida that can help you to prepare previously painted surfaces. You can check the best exterior painting testimonials Venice, FL for reference.

New Cedar and Redwood Siding:

New cedar and redwood surfaces have a tendency for tannin bleed . While preparing the surface before painting, you should wash the tannin with a general cleaning detergent as well as a water based solution before priming them with a stain-blocking alkyd primer. For several reasons, even after proper preparation, tannin bleed can still occur.

Metal Surfaces:

You can also clean the metal exterior surfaces in order to remove dirt, grime, and oil before priming them and use a Direct to Metal product. It is beneficial to follow the guidelines and advice by a professional painting contractor like exterior painting North Port, FL contractors to get the best surface preparation before painting.