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paint sheen guide

What Sheen Should You Use To Paint Your Home’s Interior?

You have been wanting to tackle that painting project in your home for months now and you’ve finally found the right color… But what sheen should you go with? Does it even matter? In reality, the type of sheen you choose for your room can make a huge difference to your painting project. When choosing a paint sheen    […]

With a Little Paint Your Dingy Basement Can Become a Beautiful Space

When it comes to renovating or sprucing up your basement, the main question is, which paint color should you choose? Basements are often considered difficult places to paint since they typically feature low ceilings and a scarcity of natural light. While this is true, the idea of painting your basement with a light color is not    […]

A Nice Patio Can Boost the Value of Your Home

Is a Patio Worth the Investment?

A nice patio is a worthwhile investment; it can help you utilize the space for wining and dining while at home. Furthermore, if a time comes to sell your home, your patio can really boost the resell value. More than half of the home buyers are ready to spend extra for a house with patio. Patios add    […]

Black and White Color Combination

4 Things that Can Make Your Home More Aesthetically Pleasing

A home with designer items is a dream for every homeowner. Every designer has its own way to decorate a room. When you look at a nicely designed home, you can see many common pieces pop up here and there. In fact there are some identical elements that are a must for a designer home.    […]

Pain Exterior Concrete surface

Is It Possible to Paint Exterior Concrete Surfaces?

There are many people who wonder whether it is possible to paint concrete foundation or the stucco of the home. Concrete surfaces are more porous, expand, and transfer a lot of moisture, which differentiates them from wood or drywall. As a result, it is little difficult to paint concrete walls but it’s not impossible. It is possible to    […]

How to Paint Exterior Concrete Like a Pro

Concrete is considered to be the most popular building material since it is inexpensive and durable. However, a plain, dull, exterior concrete tends to be little boring to look at. An ideal solution to change the appearance of your old concrete wall is to paint it! All you need is to use some special supplies    […]

How to Pick The Perfect White For Your Kitchen

For a classic and clean kitchen, white paint is the best because it gives your kitchen a trendy and simple look. Given that space, lighting, moods, and personal preferences all vary, there are many factors that you need to consider while choosing the perfect white paint for your kitchen. We turned to many expert painting contractors    […]

Calculating the Cost Per Square Foot of Exterior Painting

A new coat of paint can give your house a fresh look. Although you are going to hire professional painters to do the job, knowing how to calculate cost per square foot for exterior house painting is always helpful to estimate the costs of your project. Calculating the price per square foot can also provide    […]

Tips for Preparing the Exterior of your Home for Painting

It is really important to prepare the exterior of your house before you begin painting.  Proper preparation can determine if your project runs smoothly or not. However, it is important to note that not all surfaces are prepped the same way. Here are some of the best ways to deal with the hazards associated with    […]

3 Summertime Interior Painting Ideas

When it comes to your home’s exterior it is usually not neccessary to repaint very often, however, you are likely to change your interior wall colors more frequently.  A quick, easy, and inexpensive interior painting project will also increase the beauty of your home. There is never a wrong time to plan an interior painting    […]