When it comes to renovating or sprucing up your basement, the main question is, which paint color should you choose? Basements are often considered difficult places to paint since they typically feature low ceilings and a scarcity of natural light.old basement before and after

While this is true, the idea of painting your basement with a light color is not always the ideal solution. In order to learn how to paint your basement, you need to have a clear understanding of how different paint colors stand out in certain lighting conditions.

Check the Amount of Lighting Your Basement Receives:

Lighting of your basement is often neglected but it is the most important step to determine how a paint color will look. It could be difficult to get a light paint color that will look appealing if your basement receives little or no sunlight or has a dimly lit setting. A lighter color in a low light setting may look dingy and dull. If you want to give your basement a grand and spectacular look consider investing in additional lighting before applying any paint.

Choose Rich and Deeply Saturated Paint Colors:

There is a common misconception that a room that is dark or gloomy should be painted with lighter colors, the truth is that light colors require spontaneity of light to realize their potential, otherwise, they will look too dull, and even dirty at times. The best way to compete with the gloomy light situation is by painting with deeply saturated, rich colors.

Consider Attractive Basement Ceiling Ideas:

Another important way to make your old basement look stunning is to apply innovative and inexpensive basement ceiling ideas.  Typically, the basement ceiling is full of unsightly plumbing pipes, wires, ducts, and structural bases. However, you can hide all those systems with a beautiful finish material. A beautiful finish will give your basement ceiling instant credibility as a utilized living space.