Tips and Techniques for Painting a Stucco Home

Tips and Techniques for Painting a Stucco Home The main objective of every painting company is to give their customers the best painting services. Satisfied customers bring more business to painting companies. However, it is quite challenging to painting companies when it comes to painting special walls, such as those of a stucco home. This    […]

How Do I Know if My Venice, FL Home Has Lead Paint?

Most of today’s homeowners don’t need to worry about paint that contains lead. In 1978, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission banned residential paint with more than .06% lead, an amount considered safe for children, adults, and pets. Even with the ban on residential lead paint, homeowners still need to take safety precautions when removing    […]

Venice, Florida Painter Can Dispose of Your Old Paint

It is so handy to have left over paint after completing a project. But what do you do with it when you don’t need it anymore? Do you have cans of old paint in your garage or utility room that you’d like to get rid of but don’t know how? Of course, you know that    […]