It is so handy to have left over paint after completing a project. But what do you do with it when you don’t need it anymore? Do you have cans of old paint in your garage or utility room that you’d like to get rid of but don’t know how? Of course, you know that you cannot just throw the cans of paint away; that is illegal. What should you do? Just call 1-800-PAINTING! We can dispose of your old paint safely the right way and it only costs $5 a gallon!

You don’t have to wonder when the next city paint disposal day is or if there is one.

Have you ever heard of Krud Kutter? It is a paint hardener. In order to properly dispose of paint, it must be hardened and not in liquid form or anything close, even gelatin form. Adding a product such as Krud Kutter to the paint, we mix it up and let it sit in the sun to harden. Once it is hard, we can dispose of it curb side on trash day. It is even environmentally safe!

Of course, you can also purcahse Krud Kutter and dispose of the paint yourself. The packets cost about $2.50 and hardens 2/3rds of a

Krud Kutter Paint Hardener

gallon of paint.

Another alternative, if you are doing this yourself, is to lay out a large area of cardboard and “paint’ the cardboard. You will have to use many layers, depending upon the size of the cardboard and the amount of paint you are trying to dry.

This is all very time consuming so it may be worth it to know that you have an alternative who will properly dispose of the paint for you. After all, we all know time = money! What else could you be doing with your time instead of drying paint or hardening paint? Probably a lot more valuable things! Go enjoy more of your time and Burnett 1-800-PAINTING  will take care of your paint disposal needs!