Price is what a lot of people use to determine who they go with. Who can blame them? We all want to get the best deal in our purchases. Lowest price doesn’t mean best deal, however. The problem with comparing only by price is that the amateurs are going to charge a whole lot less money. They may even lose money on the jobs and eventually, won’t be in business. When they’re charging less money, they’re going to use much less labor at your home, too. This means that the exterior of your home  may suffer. They are also much less likely to prep the stucco, which could be disastrous to the aesthetics of your home.


Stucco isn’t something all exterior painters are familiar with. In areas other than Florida, there are brick and wood homes that don’t deal with stucco. Therefore, prepping stucco is something that you will want to inquire about during estimates. As you’re looking for a painter, you need to ensure they are not only professional, but experienced with Florida homes.


The stucco will need to be pressure washed first. This will remove most of the dirt and debris from all the nooks and crannies. If this step is skipped due to inexperience or because the painter is trying to finish the job quickly, the paint isn’t going to adhere to all areas. As a good rain storm hits, it will dislodge the dirt and paint applied on top of dirt and the paint will peel or blister.alway prep stucco-including power washing


In addition to pressure washing, the cracks in the stucco need to be repaired. Many people, including painters and homeowners, think that a fresh coat of paint will hide the cracks in the stucco. This may be true for a day or two, but the paint will not hold and water will get in, leading to mold and mold damage. It’s better to repair it all and then add a fresh coat of paint. Does that cost more? Sure. But does it cost as much as repairing a home from mold and mildew damage? No.


The Florida sun can do a lot to paint. When you hire an amateur, they are going to be concerned with getting 1 coat of paint onto the stucco. They won’t realize that a base coat of primer needs to be applied first. Without this primer, the paint isn’t going to adhere properly and it’s eventually going to blister and peel.


blistering  paint on stuccoYou want to make sure your home in Florida looks great. Any money spent for exterior painting in Venice is too much if the stucco isn’t prepped. How will you know? Ask during the estimate what the painting company will do to prep the stucco. Sealer is a key word to listen for. If you hire an amateur, they’re looking at short-term goals only-will the house look good for 1 or 2 years? They aren’t concerned about the details of how you home looks 9 years from now; you’ll just hire them back right? Why waste your money when there are warranties to protect you and your home for 9 years so you can save from hiring a painting contractor every 3-5 years?


It’s much better to spend a little more money with a Venice painter and get a professional that knows all about prepping the stucco and how to give a warranty that will last almost a decade. This will ensure that the house is properly cleaned, that stucco cracks are dealt with, and that the paint will adhere to the stucco. Most of all, you will be ecstatic with the money you will save from not having to need your home painted every 3 years or even every 5 years.