why does paint peel paint after two yearsWOW! Steve and I saw this chamber member who rightfully won a Venice Area Beautification award two years ago for repainting and sprucing up this building – it looked great! But look at it now. I feel for them for three reasons: 1) they are going to have to go through the hassle of repainting their building (let’s agree that all projects are intrusive) and 2) any savings they thought they were getting in price at the time is going out the window and then some, leaving them spending thousands more than if they would have hired a contractor who is certified to provide a 9 year material and labor warranty, and 3) these eye sores do not promote their company well.

Can this be avoided? YES! Even in the sweltering heat of SW FL summers, your exterior paint can last 9 years and you can have peace of mind with a warranty in written certificate form, transferable (should you sell), and non-prorated. As of now, we are the only company we know of who is certified in SW FL by Benjamin Moore to offer their 9 year material and labor warranty certificate. (using Benjamin Moore Regal paint) Want to save a couple hundred? We have a 7 year warranty, using Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec, also. Want the ultimate, top of the line in painting warranties? We have a 10 year warranty as well, using Benjamin Moore Aura paint, which does cost more.