When I think about all the businesses I know, the businesses I drive by, the businesses I network with, I often contemplate the meaning of it all: what are we all striving for? Making the world a beautiful place!

Skin care companies: for beauty in people. Landscaping companies: for beauty around us. Automotive companies: for beauty on the road. Puppy grooming companies: for beauty in our animal friends. Florist, interior designers, architectural firms: for beauty in and of our homes. Churches: for beauty in our souls and our relationship with God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Yes, many of these are for functionality, too, but where are we all going? To make someone’s life more beautiful by helping them!)

Test yourself: can you think of a business whose sole purpose doesn’t come down to making life more beautiful?

What does this have to do with repainting your home? Because the number one reason to paint your home is for protection against step cracks which lead to mold in your home, but the number two reason is aesthetics! This secondary reason is also the most noticeable reason to your neighbors and friends!

We love the secondary benefit of beauty and aesthetic appeal paint gives, probably more than most! I know I enjoy driving down the streets in Venice or North Port, or anywhere, just to look at the beautiful homes.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, check out these two photos of a before and during project comparison:

North Port Home Repaint Beginning and during project Photos 2014

Before and then during the project: North Port Home Repaint 2014



Even though these photos do not show the completed project, you can see how the house seems to “come alive” in the second photo with some well chosen colors to enhance the beauty of the home, the existing landscaping,  and tying in the color of the roof.

Yes, painting and repainting your home on a regular basis keeps step cracks from bringing in moisture and producing mold, strengthens the stucco to protect the home. It is, however, also appealing to the eyes to have a home that you enjoy looking at every time you pull into your driveway! Bring out the beauty in your home and neighborhood.  🙂