Paint Your Wagon Award Winners- Burnett 1-800-PAINTINGWe are so excited to bring home the National Kilz Paint Your Wagon Award! We owe this award to all of you who voted or even tried to vote for us! We couldn’t have done it without you. In fact, we won by just 30 votes! Phew! That was close! Way to go!

This award especially means a lot to Steve since it really comes down to a brand/marketing award and that is his passion. He likes to say that he is a marketing guy with a painting business! He’s so funny like that!

We’d also like to thank all of the painting companies that participated and made this an extra fun event!

When we were called up to accept the award, Steve said this:

“It was Seth Godin who said, “If the market place is not talking about you, it’s because you are boring and you’re boring on purpose. You’re boring because it’s safe.” That really hit home for me and I said I would take that challenge.”

Now Steve and I do crazy marketing things, such as promote “Paint Your Wagon Award” to all our wonderful customers, friends, and family because it’s fun and it will get people talking about us and keep us top of mind, which is key to marketing.

So, again, we’d like to say a big,

Burnett 1-800-PAINTING says thank you





to all our voters! You’re the best!