When you cook a special meal, quality ingredients matter. When you paint the exterior of your home, the quality of paint matters, too. This is an area where you don’t want to skimp because it will show in all of the details. When people look at your home, the first thing people see is the paint. To make sure your home makes a good impression, check out the type of paint your Florida painter is using before you hire them.


Quality painters use quality paint in Venice, Florida

Quality painters use quality paint in Venice, Florida

Not all paint is the same. When you walk into any home improvement store, it will be obvious by the various brands and types that fill the shelves. Some are designed for exterior painting while others are better suited for interior painting. Hiring a professional means you can trust that they know the difference.


Especially in Florida, a Venice painter must know what they are doing when it comes to choosing quality paint. Paint can fade in the hot sun quicker than in the northern states. As a result, your Venice painter must be aware of this and choose a paint brand that has been specially formulated to hold up to the conditions longer.


Shopping for a Florida painter should entail looking at the warranties they offer. There are some painters that will issue you a warranty directly from the paint manufacturer. This proves they are using quality paint – and it is guaranteed for a certain number of years. This gives you peace of mind that the price you’re paying is worth it because the paint won’t fade, peel or bubble.


If the wrong type of paint is used on stucco, it may not adhere correctly. For the first few days or even weeks, it may look just fine. However, as the sun continues to beat down on the side of your home, the paint may begin to peel directly off of your home. If you didn’t get a warranty from your painter, you would be out all the money you just spent.


In addition, poor quality paint may not hold up to the conditions as well as the higher quality paints. Especially when you opt for a darker color, whether it’s for trim or the entire home, the color may fade much quicker than had you spent the additional money. What this means is the color you chose may not be the actual color next year or the year after that.


You should get what you expect. When you meet with a painter and you decide on a color, that’s the color that should be on your home. Further, that color should be on your home in nice, even brush strokes, not peeling or bubbling. A warranty can protect you and give you the promise of quality paint. Without it, you’re taking a chance.


Hiring a Florida painter means you must hire a professional. Any professional painter will gladly tell you the brand of paint that is being used. Quality, professional painters are proud to use the best products and happy to tell you why they are the best.