best sw fl painting contractor, venice fl painterWhat a fun fact! When painting the exterior of your home, you add the weight of a small Bottle-nose Dolphin to your house!

How did we come up with that? Here’s the breakdown of the math behind that statement:

When using Benjamin Moore paint and sealer, the average home in Venice, Florida will take 7 gallons of sealer and 15 gallons of paint. We use Benjamin Moore Paint and sealer due to the high quality of the products: high viscosity, high solid content, and a 9 year warranty!

The sealer we use is Benjamin Moore’s SUPER SPEC® MASONRY INTERIOR/EXTERIOR 100% ACRYLIC MASONRY SEALER N066– weighing in at 8.5 pounds per gallon.

The paint we love is Benjamin Moore’s REGAL SELECT weighing in at 11 pounds per gallon.

Now, we take the average number of gallons of sealer times weight and add the average number of gallons of paint times the weight giving us:

(7×8.5)+(15×11)= 224.5 pounds of pure home owner happiness!

Bottle-nose Dolphins weigh in playfully at 300-500 pounds near the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, your home will add the weight of a small Bottle-nose Dolphin after Burnett 1-800-PAINTING is finished giving you an outstanding experience of painting your Venice, Florida home!