Every Florida painter that is out there should have some experience painting before you let them in your home. When you want the best results, you need to check on credentials before trusting they know what they are doing. This will ensure you get the results you want, as well as the results you are paying for.


The reason to look for credentials is simple. You need your home to be painted professionally by a Punta Gorda painter. If you hire an exterior painter who only has experience with interior painting, you probably won’t be happy with the results. There is a big difference in choosing paints for interior versus exterior applications. There is also a big difference in prepping the area that needs to be painted.

Ask for credentials when hiring a painting company.

Ask for credentials when hiring a painting company.


Looking at what type of painting the company has done is not enough. You also need to see if their experience is on Florida homes or in other states. A painter in Punta Gorda, Florida should be familiar with Florida homes for a number of reasons. The sun has a significant impact on paint. If the wrong paint is chosen, it will fade or cause other problems over time. Second, stucco needs to be treated very differently than wood or other home building materials.


Taking your painter’s word for it is not the proper way to check on credentials. Instead, you need to do a little research to make sure there are no complaints against the painter you are about to hire. Call the Better Business Bureau. There is a Punta Gorda chapter that you can call or stop by to find out if the painter you are considering has complaints against them or not. If there are no complaints, then you can rest easier knowing that you probably won’t have any, either.


You should also look at a portfolio from the painter. Remember that talk can be cheap. You should be looking at photos of homes or businesses they’ve painted in the past. If at all possible, ask for testimonials. These can be videos of past customers who will voice for the painter or letters where a person has written about how well the painting has been done.


Exterior and interior painting is very different. You need to check on the credentials differently for the type of painting you want done. When at all possible, it’s good to try and hire one painter to handle all your painting needs. This way you can deal with one company and one painter will be able to answer all questions and concerns you have.


Checking on credentials may slow down the process of choosing a Venice painter by a few days. But, it is time well spent. You don’t want just any painter coming into your home. You want someone who has a proven track record of pleasing customers and going above and beyond when it comes to painting your home.