Have you ever noticed this? At the symphony, before they begin the show, one violin or another instrument plays a distinct note and holds it while the rest of the orchestra tunes themselves to that note.

Steve and I were at the Venice Symphony on Saturday and while this was happening, I turned to him and whispered, “What if that first note is off??” I was only half joking, but it reminded me of, you guessed it, professional painters! Why? If the first paint application was “off” without clean “cut lines” (the lines where the paint meets the unpainted surfaces, such as cabinets or trim, or tile, etc.) then there will be a clear, visible, distinction between the two applications of paint! I call this the Gobstopper effect.

Let me explain…

One on occasion, I stopped by one of our projects that was an interior painting which included painting around the kitchen cabinets, I looked closely at our razor straight cut lines around the cabinet and was impressed! Jimmy was on this particular job and he is phenomenal! I noticed, however, that the paint color underneath had a very squiggly line to it. What a shame! Whoever painted around the cabinets first didn’t have a straight line around the cabinets and they left paint on the cabinets every so often. In order to cover up the paint from the previous person’s less than straight application, we’d have to paint on the cabinets, too, which we didn’t want to do. We couldn’t scrape off the old paint at this point, since we didn’t know how well it would come off or if it would leave marks, scratches, etc, on the cabinets. So, all we can do, is paint our straight lines and, as Steve taught me year ago, “Do the best we can with what we have.”

My point is this: hire a professional painter every time to avoid your cabinets looking like a half eaten Gobstopper- with different colors popping out at different places! Of course, in most rooms, a professional painter, such as you’ll find on the Burnett 1-800-PAINTING team, can cover up previous mistakes if we are painting over all areas,including the base boards/trim. Take a look at the photo for an example of professional cut lines that we can cover up old mistakes because we are painting all surfaces…

Clean cut line from the professionals at Burnett 1-800-PAINTING

I also think it is important to point out the great lesson Jimmy taught me while painting on the job once: “Do you know the difference between a professional painter and a rookie?” Jimmy asked me.

“Well…,” I said.

“A professional painter takes care of the mistakes. A rookie just leaves them for someone else.”

I love that! You know why? It reminds me that no one is perfect and can do a perfect job, but a true professional who takes pride is his work, like Jimmy does, will take care of any mistakes so that the end product does look perfect!

I’m so proud of our team! Jimmy taught me that lesson, but each and every one of our team members, all like family to us, epitomize this professional, pride in their work, ethic.

So, when you are thinking of painting, why not get three quotes from professionals who will take care of your home with pride? It will be worth it in the end with no Gobstopper effects!