Hiring an exterior painter in Venice, Florida is a very serious task. You don’t want to hire just anyone because it could have a significant impact on what your home looks like. Hire the wrong person and your home could look worse than it does now. Since you don’t want to waste your money, there are four questions you need to ask a painter before hiring them.

Four questions to ask your Venice, Florida painter

Four questions to ask your Venice, Florida painter


Do you have a warranty?


A warranty is perhaps the most important question to ask when looking for a Florida painter. This will set the professionals apart from the rest. If there’s no warranty, it’s usually because they don’t guarantee their work. Whatever the reason, this isn’t the painter you want for your Venice home.


The warranty should protect the work and the quality of paint. The better the warranty, the easier you can rest knowing your home will look great. You may even find a 9 year warranty, which is the longest warranty out on the market, particularly in Florida.


Can I see past work?


Through testimonials, photographs, or a simply email or phone call, you can look into the quality of work that your painter is responsible for. Proud and professional painters will have this information on hand when they meet with you. If a painter stumbles on the question when you ask, move on.


When you look at the past work, check for bubbles, uneven coverage, and peeling. If you see any of this, move on to the next painter on your list. You want even coverage and a beautiful color.


Are you insured?


If the Florida painter you hire doesn’t have insurance, it could end up costing you a lot of money. When your painter is standing on a ladder on your property, you’re liable if something happens…unless they have liability insurance. Should they fall, you want them paying for the injuries – not yourself.


The insurance policy will also help you separate the professionals from the ones that are doing it on the side. Any professional painter in Venice, Florida will have the insurance. If they don’t have the insurance, move onto another painter on your list. It will help you to save a lot of money in the end.


How do you charge?


The price of the exterior painting in Venice, Florida is important. What’s more important is how they charge. You don’t want a painter that is going to charge you by the hour. It could result in a painter taking their time on your home.


Instead, you want to find a Florida painter that is going to give you a flat fee. Get the quote in writing and that should be the only price you pay for the exterior painting of your home.


Four questions aren’t a lot to ask of a Venice painter, but it can make a major impact on how good your home looks after it’s painted.