Hiring a Florida painter is all about choosing the one with the most experience for the job and the greatest guarantee on work. Experience with Florida homes is the key because the hot sun and the stucco make a difference when it comes to choosing the quality of paint as well as the techniques used. You can ensure your home looks beautiful by choosing a local painter for the job.


Experience is experience, right? Not necessarily. A painter who has 20 years of experience sounds like the best choice, but if their experience is in painting northern homes, they may not be the right choice for you. Florida homes demand more and you need to ensure that your Florida painter understands these demands to provide you with the best looking home.


When you’re interviewing painters in Venice, Florida, ask about experience. Don’t just ask about how many years they’ve been in the business, though. Find out where their experience is. If they tell you they have been working on homes in Florida, then it is better for you because you can rest easily knowing they understand how to paint stucco.

Hire a local painter to paint stucco homes

Stucco is not an easy material to paint. It can’t be sprayed like other materials can. The stucco itself can vary significantly from home to home in how raised it is. The Florida painter you hire should know how to check on the stucco and choose the right brushes and rollers to get the necessary coverage on your home. This will guarantee your home gets full coverage without any shade differentiations or unpainted spots.


The time of day that a home is painted in Florida matters. If the stucco is too hot when the paint is applied, it could cause blistering and peeling as the side of the home cools off throughout the day. This isn’t the look you want on your home. A professional, local painter will understand that the temperature makes an impact on the adhesive properties of the paint.


Paint colors also matter when it comes to painting in Florida. The darker colors and the colors with a reddish hue are not as successful in Florida because they absorb the sun and cause fading to occur much faster. When you hire a painter in Venice, Florida, you need to rely on their suggestions for paint colors so your home looks good for many years afterwards.


The quality of paint also matters for a Venice painter. Local painters know what brands have been formulated to deal with the Florida sun. Painters who are used to painting up north may use a good brand but choose a formula that isn’t as appropriate for the heat as other formulas are. You can avoid these problems by choosing a painter that has local experience.


A local painter is familiar with the demands of painting in Florida. Exterior painting can and should last a very long time. Interviewing a few painters before hiring one ensures that you are getting a great value, not just the cheapest price. If your painter has experience as an exterior Florida painter, it is better for you, your home, and your pocket book.