The Florida sun is good for many things, but it is hard on exterior house paint. If it can turn a tourist bright red in a single afternoon, just think what it can do to the exterior paint of your home. A good paint is like a layer of sunscreen – it will protect your home. However, if you have an exterior painter that is cutting corners or is inexperienced with Florida paint needs, you may end up with something less than the picture-perfect home you envisioned.


A professional Florida painter is a good start when it comes to choosing someone to handle the exterior painting of your home. However, there are a few more things to delve into. It’s important to find out what a painter’s experience is with Florida homes. Painting a home in the northern states and painting a home here can be very different – primarily because of the painting tools


Further, it’s important to find out what a Venice painter’s experience is with exterior painting. Some painters focus on indoors and then simply make the switch to do exterior painting because they had a client request it. If a painter doesn’t know the rules to painting stucco, however, it could prevent your home from enjoying the lasting quality that you are looking for.


Paint is abused day in and day out in Florida. Even the wrong color paint can be a problem. It’s why you don’t see many red homes or dark-colored homes in Florida. A good painter will make you aware of the fading colors. Red will quickly fade and dark colors will absorb the heat, causing a significant amount of fading, not to mention your electric bill in the summer!


A good exterior painter will ensure you choose wisely in regards to your home. They will help you choose colors that deflect the sun and will hold up for a number of years. This will help you get your money out of the painting project so that you don’t have to repaint any sooner than you absolutely have to.


The Florida painter you hire will need to know how to handle your stucco. This includes prep, priming, and paint selection. If they fail to do any one of these things or do it incorrectly, your paint could fade, peel, or otherwise look unattractive within months of the paint being applied to the stucco. This isn’t why you hired a professional, therefore you need to be careful.


Looking at past work and asking questions can ensure your home will stand the tests of the Florida sun with the Venice painter you hire. If they are inexperienced with Florida homes or stucco, move on to someone else. Your home can get exposure from the sun just like your skin can – and you need to do what you can to protect it.