Part of looking for a quality home painter means getting quotes from several painting companies. This is just part of the process to ensure you’re not paying more than you need to. However, if you go with the very cheapest painter that you come across, you could end up with a few unwanted surprises along the way. Make sure to do all the necessary research when choosing a painter.

quality house painter in Venice, Florida

There’s probably a good reason that a painter is so cheap. Especially because of today’s economy, many contractors are willing to lower their prices in order to get more work. But a quality painter isn’t going to have many problems finding work because quality is still in demand. Therefore, if you find a painter that is willing to go extremely low, you have to wonder what kind of quality you are getting.


Most painters will come out and look at your property before giving you a quote. This is done because they are looking to see approximately how many hours it will take to complete the job. This will include prep work, repair work, as well as the painting time itself. If a quote comes back too low, they may not have adequately priced the job to handle all the prep that needs to go in.


If a painter gives a quote based on doing the painting only, you won’t get a quality job on your home. Failure to prep the stucco means that you won’t get good paint coverage and you may end up with peeling or fading problems, too. If a painter is too cheap, you may end up having to have your home painted every few years.


Another thing to be on the lookout for is the quality of paint being used. A home painter that gives you a really cheap price may be using cheap paint, too. The price they quote you needs to sufficiently cover their materials and their time. In order to save money, they may use a lesser quality paint. Quality paint won’t lead to chalking and other issues that can damage the look and structure of your home.


It’s best to take the time and look at the type of painter in Venice, Florida that you want. By getting a few different quotes from painters in the area, you can find out who has the lowest and who has the highest prices and who offers the best quality at the best price. An affordable price is something to be on the lookout for. But if it’s too cheap, you have to wonder about where they are cutting corners to offer you such a low price.


Do some comparisons, look for warranties, and then make an educated decision on who will paint the exterior of your home.