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Best of Venice 2018

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Dodge Ball Tournament

2016 Charity Dodge Ball Tournament

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Best of Venice 2016

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Should I Paint My Home Before or After I Install New Flooring or Carpet?

The decision of whether to paint the walls first or get the flooring done first can be quite confusing for most homeowners. If you decide to get the flooring done first, the paint might fall on the floor or carpet and ruin it. Wall paint is not easy to get out. You will need to    […]

exterior painting season

What’s The Best Season To Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

Over a period of time, the exterior paint of your home wears down due to weather conditions, quality of the paint used, and the lack of proper maintenance. So whether you are repainting the exterior of your house or applying the first coat of exterior paint to your new home, it is important to know the    […]

revamp room

Using Color To Revamp Lifeless Walls In Your Space

Monochromatic, plain walls can give a lifeless and boring feel to the interior of your home. Revamping your walls by adding accent walls, murals, bright colors, and even wall decorations can liven up your space and give it a brand new feel. Using color to revamp some areas of your house should not break the bank    […]