transform your space

4 Ways Painting Can Transform Your Space

The colors on the walls of your rooms can either make or break your space and it can affect your mood. People who feel their rooms are too large or too small or are just generally unsatisfied with their room can change the colors of the walls for an instant room makeover. Painting just the right    […]

brighten dark spaces

7 Colors That Can Brighten Darker Spaces In Your Home

Our mood can be influenced by colors and the kind of light they exude. Studies state that colors that reflect light are more likely to make us feel happy in comparison to darker shades. If you feel like the darker spaces in your home could benefit from a fresh coat of paint, we have 7 colors that can    […]

exterior paint tricks

5 Paint Tricks That Will Make Your Exterior Stand Out

The exterior of your house can make or break your look, and frankly, it’s not something you repaint regularly. So, you should be extra careful when you decide to paint your house exterior. However, in order to do it and do it well, there are certain techniques that should most definitely be adopted. Here are    […]

Coffee stain on wall

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Food Stains From Painted Walls

  Stains on your walls, especially ones of greasy food, may seem like the worst thing that can happen to your freshly painted walls. Stubborn food stains can ruin walls if they don’t get proper care. To make sure the coat of color on your walls is not damaged and ugly stains don’t get in the    […]

how to remove paint stains from carpet

How to Clean Paint off of your Carpet

When you are dealing with a paint project, the last thing you want left behind is spilled paint on the carpet. There may be instances when you are repainting your home and drop a bit of paint on the carpet by mistake. Or maybe your kids tried to play with the paint can and a    […]

paint ceilings and walls

Should I Paint My Ceiling the Same Color as the Wall?

Should I Paint My Ceiling the Same Color as the Wall? Whenever you are thinking of a design or decorating idea for your home, you should take the current trend into account. Even if you are not going to follow the modern trends, having a bit of knowledge about what others are doing can help    […]

house color ideas

Coastal Colors for Your Beach Paradise Home

Coastal Colors for Your Beach Paradise Home People do many things to decorate their home: install brand new flooring, buy trendy furniture, decorate with lighting and accessories, etc. However, if you don’t paint your walls and trim in the right colors, nothing else will work together right. Whether you live in a coastal area or not, you    […]

how to paint interior brick

How to Properly Paint Interior Brick Walls

A brick wall can ruin the aesthetic beauty of your home if it gets dingy and dirty. The best way to add elegance to your brick wall and brighten the room is to apply a fresh coat of paint, which can create a cleaner, more even finish. Typically, the rough surface of a brick wall makes it    […]

best bedroom colors for sleep

What are the Best Colors for the Bedroom?

Bedrooms are meant for sleeping but are often used for watching television, working on laptops or iPads, spending quality time with loved ones, reading, working out, etc.  Today, people are not decorating their room to sleep in, but more to live in and this could be affecting their sleep! According to a recent statistic, lack of    […]

painting contractor in venice fl

What Questions Should I be Asking When I Meet a Potential Painting Contractor?

Your home is probably one of your proudest accomplishments, you worked hard for it and most likely want it to look GREAT!  The way a home looks actually tells the whole story about the emotion and feeling related to the people living in that home. Homeowners often try their best to make their home a dream on    […]