Coastal Colors for Your Beach Paradise Home

People do many things to decorate their home: install brand new flooring, buy trendy furniture, decorate with lighting and accessories, etc. However, if you don’t paint your walls and trim in the right colors, nothing elsehouse color ideas will work together right.

Whether you live in a coastal area or not, you may be interested in having a beach theme in your home. Painting the walls and trim of your house in stunning coastal colors is always a brilliant idea to match the openness of the coast. While in past the coastal design used to be about darker and bolder colors, modern trend is to apply softer and cooler paint colors.

Coastal Blues:

With a palette of maritime blues and dune-grass greens, you can turn your house in to a dreamland and bring a relaxed coastal feel of nostalgia from your childhood.  You can even complement the airy and inviting atmosphere of your home by decorating it with soothing hues and seaside accessories like beach glass and seashells. You can also bring sea-grass furnishings to make the atmosphere more dreamy.

Orange and Aqua Blue:

Orange and aqua blue are also very popular when it comes to applying coastal color to the walls and trim. Orange and aqua can make a house more cheerful. You can make your coastal aqua living room more elegant with bold orange accents.  You can complement that coastal feel of your house by putting a soft blue area rug on the ground and a beige sofa for relaxed seating, along with accessories would be perfect.

Ocean Blue Accents:

To keep with the coastal design, you need to incorporate an ocean-blue color palette throughout, even in the kitchen.  You can add a comfortable, laid-back feel to your home by applying ocean blue accents on your kitchen and dining room walls. Coastal patterned hardwood flooring is also a lighthearted and visually stunning way to bring an appealing coastal approach to the areas around your kitchen and dining space.

Sea of Tranquility in the Living Room:

You can turn your living room into a fairy land by using sun-washed neutral color hues, pale wood tones, and beach side organic accessories. By using sea colors on the walls of your oceanfront living room, you can create a dreamy space that feels almost as if it’s floating on a cloud.