Our mood can be influenced by colors and the kind of light they exude. Studies state that colorsbrighten dark spaces that reflect light are
more likely to make us feel happy in comparison to darker shades. If you feel like the darker spaces in your home could benefit from a fresh coat of paint, we have 7 colors that can brighten darker spaces in your home:


Yellow is a color that is known to reflect a lot of light. Yellow is often labelled as a happy color. Yellow rooms look bright and cheery and contribute towards brightening your space and your mood. But, brighter shades of yellow can sometimes be too harsh on your eyes. Make sure you carefully pick out your yellow. As a general rule of thumb subtle shades of yellow really are great and can make darker spaces appear brighter and warmer.


Blue has been known to be a soothing color that has a calming effect. Research indicates that you will be able to concentrate better in rooms that are painted blue; it can really transform dark spaces for the better. Blue is typically used for offices and bedrooms; so, if you want to be a little conventional then use this color to revamp your bedroom or your study area, particularly if those areas lack natural lighting.


Green is the color of nature, it has the ability to provide a sense of freshness and growth. Lighter shades of green make a room brighter and also make it feel airy. The lighter shades of green can also brighten up any space by creating an illusion of a larger space. In fact, with any shade of green your room will look warm and welcoming. 


Although, when you think of brown you may think of a dark color, it need not be the case. If you opt for lighter shades of brown or something that has a reddish hue to it, it will definitely brighten up the dark spaces in your home. However, you need to be careful about the space you intend on painting if you’re choosing brown. If that space receives minimal to no light, brown could be a good option. Make sure you consult a professional to ensure you have the right shade of brown in mind. 


Purple is a regal color and shades of purple, such as, lavender and lilac, are great options to consider if you want your space to appear brighter. These shades possess peaceful qualities. The use of natural light on this color can help create an illusion of a larger space. In the process, it gives darker spaces the much needed splash of color. 


Though the color pink has been stereotyped as a ‘girly’ color, pastel hues do a great job at making spaces appear brighter. Pastel pinks can make your space appear more spacious than they really are. Pink is a light and subtle color, which is always easy on the eyes (if you choose the lighter shades.) It can also maintain that brightness even in darker spaces and in the absence of natural light.


You can never go wrong with white because all colors seem to be compatible with it. Traditionally, white has been a popular choice because white rooms look spacious and more open. If you like white and want to make sure your space does not look boring, you can accentuate the walls of your space by adding a pop of color in the form of an accent wall. This contrast will make your space appear brighter and more attractive.

There are other factors to consider as well before you finally settle on a wall color for darker spaces. The amount of lighting and the type of lighting (natural or artificial) that a room gets, influence how bright a room looks. If the room receives enough natural light, using colors that reflect light would be the most suitable but darker spaces are a little tricky. When you choose a wall color, think about your space and choose a color that will brighten it up!