revamp room

Monochromatic, plain walls can give a lifeless and boring feel to the interior of your home. Revamping your walls by adding accent walls, murals, bright colors, and even wall decorations can liven up your space and give it a brand new feel.

Using color to revamp some areas of your house should not break the bank but can create a home that reflects your style in a cost effective manner.

Here are some ways you can revamp the walls of your home:

  • Accent Walls

An accent wall livens up your room and adds your personal touch without being jarring or over the top. This wall brings focus to one side of the room, by adding character and making the space seem more put together. For optimum results it’s important to align the colors of the rest of your space with the accent walls. If the rest of the walls are painted a darker color, paint the accent wall a lighter shade of a complementing color and if the rest of the walls are lighter then paint the walls a darker shade of color. If you decide break off from the same color scheme, you can try a more adventurous path by choosing contrasting colors.

To further add oomph to your space, choose an area such as the wall by your fireplace or around a large bay window as the accent wall.

  • Murals

Painting a mural on your wall can also accentuate the features of an area. For example, try asymmetrical designs that allow you to show your creative side and remove the dullness of your room by adding some color into the area. Regardless, make sure you stick to the colors that you have used to decorate your room to make sure that the entire space ties in the rest of the room without looking over the top.

For homeowners with artistic abilities, this is the perfect way to harness your talent and personalize your home. If you’re not comfortable taking on this task then you can conceptualize a mural and use professional assistance.

  • Wall Decorations

While painting your walls is a great way to revamp your space. Sometimes the job does not end there. Colorful wall decorations like paintings, wall stickers, and creative wall hangings can add much desired character to your room. It can surely brighten up the space and liven up the room.

As long as your wall decorations complement your walls, your space is bound to look well designed. Try choosing colors that either pop with brightness or are in contrast to the color of your walls.

  • Wallpaper

Sometimes adding wallpaper to one wall (like an accent wall) of the room can create an accent wall with some character. Depending on the type of wallpaper you choose this could also be a budget friendly option. Just make sure you seek professional assistance to set up your wallpaper to avoid making your space look sloppy.

Choose wallpaper with a stand out design that draws the attention to the wall. A little bit of consideration towards the type of wallpaper and proper application can work wonders on your space.

The most important tip to remember while revamping your space is that you want to give it a brighter and livelier feel. To achieve this focus on the design of the wall, consider the light exposure and the aesthetics you envision for your room. Just make sure that you do not go overboard!