Do you have a wall in your home that is aching for attention, but you aren’t sure what to do with it?  If you want to convert your standard walls into something amazing, consider a graphic accent wall for something different and Graphic Wall Paint is the Current Trend in Interior Designbold!

There is something about an accent wall that will immediately catch your attention, it is the contrasting colors and awesome graphic design. These graphic walls are simply eye-popping, imaginative, and creative.  You can call an interior painting Venice, FL contractor anytime to add this bold contrast to your walls.

Graphic wall paint is going to add a customized look to your room and it is very easy to accomplish, with the right tools. Check out the following steps to get a clear understanding on how to add a new ‘POP!’ to your wall.

Have All Supplies Ready:

The first step is to have all supplies ready at your place. As far as the graphic is concerned, you can use any image: from your child’s bedding, a favorite book, or clip art to basically anything that you wish. You will also need other paint supplies including small/medium sized paint brushes, pencils, paint in your selected colors, paint tray, roller cover, frame, etc.

Paint The Walls:

When you have all you supplies ready at your place, you can start painting your walls in the desired base color. Let the walls dry for a few hours, overnight, or even a few days to get the best results. You can project the image that you have selected on to your walls, position and size the image to your satisfaction for best visibility.

Trace the Design On Wall:

The next step is to trace the graphic on to the wall using a pencil. If you are comfortable in doing the so, you can also keep the projected image on the wall and start painting following the outlines of the projected graphic.

Paint The Design With Colors:

Once you are done, begin painting the graphic with the colors you selected. You should let each color dry to the touch before moving on so you don’t mistakenly smudge your graphic.

If you can’t decide about which graphics to use on your wall, you can search online to get ideas for murals that would communicate your lifestyle. Choose a unique painting style that coordinates with your furniture and décor.