If your exterior deck has been affected by harsh weather conditions this winter, you’ll probably be in the market for a better deck coating.  Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of options!

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Depending on the way you want your exterior deck to look (and the way it looks currently) you can choose from several types of deck coatings, which all have their own advantages.

Latex Semi-Transparent Stain:

Latex semi-transparent stain coatings are the best choice if you want the appearance of wood and also want your deck to look as natural as possible. These types of coatings are usually chosen in exterior painting projects since they are available in a wide range of colors and hues. Semi-transparent latex actually helps protect your deck from water damage and extreme weather condition like UV rays and other hazards.

100% Latex Stain:

100% latex stain will give your deck long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions. This solid color stain contains much more pigment so it is more opaque and almost paint-like. Solid color stains last longer since the added pigment allows more UV protection and better durability than semi transparent products. As a result, the homeowners will get an opportunity to have some extra years of deck protection. This makes solid latex stain an obvious choice in any exterior painting project. You can ask any of your local exterior painting contractors about the advantages of these deck coatings.

Wood Restoration Coatings:

If your deck is severely weather beaten, then you should consider choosing new wood restoration coatings. Wood restoration coatings are super-thick, 100% latex coatings that can help bring a deck from the brink by filling in and concealing cracks. This gives your deck a solid, tough finish that is resistant to any further damage like cracking and peeling. Wood restoration coatings can even help stretch the life of your deck and help you avoid a costly deck replacement.

The above mentioned latex deck coatings are preferred by painting contractors because of their excellent adhesion characteristics, which help them to last longer than competitive products. For more information regarding latex deck coatings, you can ask your local exterior painting  contractors.