There is no rule that your house needs to be painted white, gray, or beige. There are many opportunities for you to go “wild” with your exterior house painting project. We rarely see super colorful shades or wild colors on homes but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Sand hues, olive greens, blue, grays – these are all soothing colors that look great, but if you are thinking about using a bold color on your exterior project consider these tips:

wild color for house exterior

Consider Your Geography:

Before going wild on your home’s exterior, consider the area where you live as well as the quality of light your home receives. The color you choose for the exterior can be determined by the nature in many ways. For example, you can draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape, flowers, and other natural beauty found in your own yard.

Consider Your Home’s Architecture:

Consider the architectural style of your home when choosing a super bright color. It doesn’t matter if you have a Queen Victorian mansion, a bungalow, or a mid-century modern ranch, your exterior paint should compliment the style of your house. When consulting a professional painting contractor, you need to mention the style of your home so that they can suggest the best color that suits your exterior. You don’t always need to adhere strictly to the historical guidelines since the contemporary and modern houses can also stand up to the bright colors.

Consider the Visual Effect Your Potential Buyers Want:

You should choose a color that stands out in the crowd. Most people and even potential buyers have remarkably superior imagination when they look at a home’s exterior. You need to choose a color that will make it hard for people to overlook your home. Choose a slightly different hue so that it appears more interesting than the rest of the homes on your street.

Choose Two or More Different Shades:

An exterior surface has three major parts – main body color, accent color, and trim color. The main body color dominates the surface and the accent color brings the doors and shutters to life. Trim colors are generally used for window and door casings.  Be sure to choose different shades for all of theses areas to give your home an extremely bold look.