Since it’s the end of a session, many paint manufacturers and design experts have recently released their picks for the top shades for the upcoming year. While the selection of the best color may vary from person to person, one of the biggest trends for  2016 is often referred to as a colorless color: white or to be more specific, white and shades of off-white.

White Makes Your Room More Adventurous

White Complements Natural Light Sources:

With white, you can play with differences in light shades and it provides your room with a great canvas for shadows. However, before you paint your room white, you need to identify its orientation – rooms that face a great amount of sunlight receive gray-blue light.  A clear white paint can complement the natural light source and keeps everything cool.

White Expand Spaces:

Rooms that are painted in white usually appear larger due to the amplification of light. All shadows and edges in the room are likely to diminish in white spaces. When choosing the palette for your home’s interior you need to keep in mind that cool white shades can be used to enlarge and open a smaller space.

White Makes Your Room More Adventurous:

White allows your room to be more adventurous and it also complements other color palettes that your may introduce as accent pieces for your space. However, white is no longer just for your ceilings and trim, like it was in the previous years. With so many different shades of white becoming available in the market in the coming year, it is surely going to provide a striking contrast for bold colors as well.  White matches just about everything.

Consider the Gallery Look:

Many galleries paint their walls and trim a bright white paint color because it draws the audiences focus to the artwork. You can use the same idea in your home as well. If your home has a noteworthy collection of art, you can use white as a backdrop color, and this would help you to let your furniture, accessories, artwork, or décor stand out.