Your front door sets the tone for your entire home, interior and exterior. If you apply the right color, your front door can make your home look welcoming, add curb appeal, and give a hint of the inside beauty of your home. Typically, people have a tendency to overlook the front door when it comes to painting their home, however, most Choose the Right Color for Front Doorpotential home owners will overlook a home that has a dull front door.

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect color to make your front door really pop!

Consider the Type and Style of Your Home:

The style of you home should help determine the style of your front door. If you have a traditional home, you can use rich deep color on the door, such as black, navy blue, green, or dark red. Contemporary homes should have bold-colored doors. If you have cottage style home, you may want to feature a stylish front door with colors from nature.

Choose Color that Complements Your Home’s Exterior:

The color you choose for your front door should coordinate with your home’s exterior colors. Typically, an exterior would have three/four colors; one color for the body of the house, a second color should be for the trim/soffits, the third color should be applied on the architectural features/shutters, and a fourth color should be used for the front door.

Use Light or Deep Color Shades:

The most popular shades for the front doors are usually whites, cream, taupe, and tan. The best way is to use light colors for doors as a contrast with dark colors on the body of the house. Typically, the light color front door looks very nice on any home.  You may also want to have a neutral color for the body of the house and use a bright, bold color on the front door, such as red or bright blue.

Check Your Neighbor’s Front-door Style:

You should also consider the color schemes that are used on your neighbors’ front doors. Apart from looking at the exterior section of your own house, looking around the neighborhood can give you a sense of the direction you want to go with your own door.