If you are wondering which interior paint colors will be ‘in’ this year, just look at the interior walls in Venice, FL. You will find that the diverse greens and blues are still the most popular choices for indoor living places. Illustrated below are a few reasons why greens and blues have been the hottest choices ever:

interior painting venice

Green is the Symbol of Life:

Upon reflection, it’s actually quite fitting that green is always used to give home and building interiors a refreshing and renewed look. Throughout history, green has always been symbolic for new life; and green is appearing more often in residential interiors. The growing popularity and sophistication of the palette offered by most painting contractors in Venice, FL typically includes an extremely wide array of green hues.

Green Matches Your Surroundings:

You’ve probably noticed that there are a number of different shades of green to be found in nature; apple, asparagus, fern, celery, lime, mint, olive, and willow may come to mind. Wherever you buy your paint, you may likely buy some tints and shades of green that match the hues of these natural greens. This will give your interior not only a natural look, but will also help to bring the outdoors inside.

Bluish-Green – Hybrid Colors:

You will find greens that gravitate toward blue. Some of the bluish green hues like teal, turquoise, aquamarine, cyan, etc. are considered the hottest designer choices when it comes to color selections for your interior spaces. By selecting one of these hybrid colors you will end up with one of the most popular interior paint colors in Venice, FL.

Blues and Greens Work Perfect Together:

Since blues and greens work so perfectly together, you can create a visually pleasant interior by selecting a combination of these color patterns. You should not hesitate to mix it up when working with these hues. There are various ways to do that, for example: you can use one shade of blue or green on the walls and another on the trim or use a slightly different color on accent a feature walls. Another idea is to paint one or more furniture items in a green or blue shade that contrasts or compliments the chosen wall color. Or ask for help from the interior painting Venice, FL contractors.