5 “Don’ts” for Painting the Exterior of Your Home

Exterior home painting is considered one of the most satisfying jobs when you take on a home renovation project. It is because painting your exterior offers an immediate result of the work, plus it is relatively simple. You don’t need to incorporate a lot of tools, you just need to hire some 
Exterior Home Paintingprofessional home painting professionals and use some simple tools like ladders, scrapers, and brushes.

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” ~ Henry Ford

Below are the 5 most important tips on what you should not do when painting your home exterior:

Don’t Neglect the Preparation:

All professional exterior home painting staff knows that good color preparation is half the job. Professionals generally use high pressure washes in order to blast off peeling paint, dirt, and mildew. Pressure washing also saves a lot of scraping. You should wash off all dirty surfaces; paint will never adhere to a dirty surface. Covering up the dirt on your wall rather than washing it off is never a great idea when painting anything.

Don’t Think Paint Can Get Rid Of All Flaws:

It is important for you to go and find every little crack and hole in the siding of your exterior and then repair it before painting. Every little flaw in the wall needs to be repaired well ahead of time, paint will only cover the damage – not repair it.

Don’t Forget to Use Bleach:

Bleach is helpful to kill all mildew. If you continue to paint your wall with mildew on it, it will instantly grow through the new coat of paint. It is important to wash off any molded or mildewed spots with bleach or any other popular fungicide available in the market.

Don’t Purchase Ordinary Paint:

Buying cheap paints will often require more than a single coat to cover. You will need to use more gallons of cheaper paint and this will only raise your exterior home painting cost and time invested. Also worth noting is that good quality paint dries quickly and it stays on the exterior wall for a longer time.

Don’t Start With the Trim First:

Many people will think that the detail work will take longer and wanting to get it out of that way, they do it first. However, the truth is that painting walls can make a bigger mess on trim that has been painted first, especially with such a large project as the exterior of you entire house!


These tips can help you understand the basics of any exterior home painting. However, the best way you can process your home painting job is have a good preparation and patience.