The 3 Most Popular Paint Finishes and How to Choose the Right One

There are several interior paint types; however, latex paint is the most popular. Choosing the right paint
Paint Finish Types finish is the most important thing to consider for your interior project as it affects to over all look of your space.

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” ~ John Wooden

Below are three different types of interior paint finishes:

Flat Paint Finish:

Flat finish is one of the most popular paint finish types. This type of paint finish has no sheen once the paint dries. Light is easily absorbed in the flat paint and the paint doesn’t reflect it. This is a great way to hide any faults that you may have in your interior walls. It also looks good in the most colors. Flat paint is best to use in a room that usually receives low traffic, i.e. the bedroom. It is difficult to clean when it gets dirty so you wouldn’t want to use a this type of finish in a room that requires lot of cleaning.

Eggshell Paint Finish:

As the name suggests, an eggshell finish offers a low amount of sheen just like an eggshell does. Although, it is flat it does have a low amount of luster. Since it is easier to clean, an eggshell paint finish, it can be used in rooms that receive higher amounts of traffic, like the living room, hallway, etc. Eggshell paint finishes are also popular because they look good in a number of different colors.

Satin Paint Finish:

Another important paint finish is called satin and it is used most often because it is the easiest finish to clean.  However, one needs to be careful about not scrubbing too much as this could result in removing the sheen. This type of paint finish also helps in hiding the imperfections of your interior wall as it offers a high gloss finish.

How to Select the Right Paint Finish?

Choosing the right interior paint finish depends entirely on one’s personal choice and preference. You just need to remember that the more sheen a paint has the more durable it will be. The best way you can decorate your interior is to buy the best quality paint finish you can afford. You can make your interior wall paint last longer by using quality paints.  If you are unsure which paint sheen or color would be best for your space, you can purchase sample sized paints at most suppliers and test them out on your wall to determine the best color and finish for your interior project.