So you’ve been trying to deal with the interior house painting project in the kitchen or bedroom for months now and you’ve finally found a suitable color for your project. So what interior paint sheen should you go with the kitchen? how about in the bedroom? Does it even matter to you?  It should!

It’s true that choosing the right interior paint finish can make a huge difference in your painting project. Below is an esay guide to choosing the right interior finish for your project – no matter which room you are working in.high gloss finish

Understanding Paint Qualities:

Nowadays, paints are available in a number of different sheens (finishes). Before you choose any particular sheen that you want to use for your house walls, you need to understand the basic qualities that each particular paint sheen has to offer.

Flat or matte finishes are those that are available without a shine or sheen. These types of paints are able to reflect lights at different directions.

You can also choose semi-gloss or high gloss finish that reflect light more directly, just the same as a mirror reflects light. These different types of finishes can be used in an interior house painting project; the only difference is that some are better suited for high-traffic areas than others.

Flat, Matte, and Eggshell Sheens:

Flat or Matte paint finish types are frequently used in new constructions as well as roofs since it hides all types of flaws. As it doesn’t reflect light directly, a crack in the wall or imperfection on the ceiling is much less noticeable. The best place to use this type of paint finish is on the new drywall that received an imperfect tapping job or where there is porous joint compound, anywhere you might need to hide any imperfections.

Semi Gloss and High Gloss Sheens:

If you want a bright and shiny look on your interior wall, you can use semi-gloss or high gloss finish. They look pleasant and last long. However, glossy sheens show all imperfections a wall or ceiling has so it is best you use it on walls with unmarred surfaces.

People tend to use semi-gloss or high gloss sheens in kitchens or bathrooms as they offer high resistance to moisture. High gloss sheens offer a brilliant display and highly reflective finishes. As a result, gloss paints are ideal for highlighting wooden trims and frames. You can also use gloss finishes on ceilings provided that you ceiling contains no imperfections.