How to Paint Your Home’s Exterior like a Pro.

Kill or be killed – this could be the motto when you are trying to paint your home’s exterior.  The main goal of an exterior painting renovation should be for the finished project to be more perfect and stunning than how it started.  Basically, an exterior house painting project is not a renovation project that you should take lightly.
This is the reason you need to adapt a steady and straight mentality, all the while keeping your sanity intact!How to Paint Your House's Exterior

Consider Each Side of the House as an Individual Project in Itself:

You should not think about painting the entire house at once; instead you need to think about each part of the house as an individual project. This gives you a chance to look deep through the Do’s and Don’ts of an exterior home painting project and focus on one area at a time.

Complete All Hard and Relatively Boring Parts First:

Hard and sometimes boring parts of exterior painting, like under the eaves and around uneven sides, are the parts that you need to do first. People generally tend to do the easier things first, but it might put you in trouble psychologically if you complete all the fun (easy) parts first. This could give you an idea that you have finished the basic tasks so when you move on to the harder and boring parts, it could feel like double the work.  Completing all the under-the-eaves and uneven types of work first, for each section of your house, should, hopefully, make the project go more smoothly.

Avoid Satin Paint Finishes:

You should also take care when choosing your exterior paint color schemes. Generally, people have a tough time in deciding between flat or satin paint finishes, since both of them have advantages. Although, satin finishes are easier to clean, it can give you more trouble in the long run when taking on an extended project such as your house’s exterior. Flat finishes allow you to stop and then pick up again on painting at any time, which allows you the ability to take more breaks. Flat finishes will not show any overlapping seams.

Paint Brushes or Sprayers?

How should you paint your house’s exterior? Will you use a brush or a paint sprayer? Since there are many different (read: cheap) paint sprayers available on the market these days, home owners have developed a (wrong) impression that spraying the house will be faster than brushing. What everyone doesn’t know is that paint spraying needs an incredible amount of preparation and you need to mask every little inch of your exterior wall that will not to be painted.  The amount of prep work needed to be done can actually take longer to set up than it would to just paint the house with brushes, though, obviously, the choice is yours!