You found a great Florida painter to paint the interior of your home. He or she did such a good job that you now want to hire him or her to paint the outside of your home. Before you go through with it, make sure they are equally experienced with interior painting as with exterior painting.


Painters in Venice, Florida need to understand the demands with exterior painting of stucco if you want the outside of your home to look like it was done by a professional. This means prepping the stucco, choosing the right paint, and using the right techniques. What works on the inside of your home may not work on the outside, which means you need to do some research to hire the right painter. Many companies are skilled in both interior and exterior. It’s just a matter of finding out; check their references of interior and exterior projects.


Prepping walls and prepping stucco is very different. Stucco needs to be cleaned, caulked, and primed. If it’s not handled correctly, the paint won’t adhere correctly. It may look good for the first few weeks and even the first few months. However, over time, the paint will start to peel and bubble, looking older than it should.


If an interior paint is used on the outside of your home, much trouble lies ahead. Chalking is a dry residue that brushes off the side of your house. As the chalking continues, the color will fade and it will result in an uneven coverage. Since you’re paying someone to paint your home, you want to ensure it will last.


home painting techniquesAnother thing to be on the lookout for is technique. Many interior painters will use paint sprayers for the walls of your bedroom or kitchen. This may be sufficient for the inside of your home, but isn’t always best for the outside. Stucco should be rolled and brushed to provide the proper level of coverage. You’ve gone through a lot to choose the color of your home and you want the entire home to be the color you’ve chosen. If it’s not applied correctly, it’s not going to give the full effect.


When you’re choosing a painter, it’s important that you spend some time looking into the credentials. Any Venice painter may have experience with a paint brush. That’s not enough information. You need to find out if they use that paint brush indoors or outdoors. A great indoor painter may be what you want – if you need your kitchen repainted. For the outside of your home, however, it’s critical to find someone who understands that stucco is very different than drywall.


No matter how good of a deal you get, you need to ensure the painter in Venice knows how to treat each aspect of your home when painting. A warranty will help to secure the quality you are looking for. This way you can rest easily knowing the paint will last a very long time.