Paint is paint is paint. Right? Not necessarily when you’re talking about exterior paint. The colors you might be able to get away with in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room are not always the same colors you can use on the outside of your home. Most of this has to do with the sun and how it can affect the paint that is used.


exterior home paint color choices

Notice the light grey exterior home is accented with the dark, bold red soffits.

Even the best brands of exterior paint will only be able to fare so well when the temperatures reach 100 degrees and start beating on the outside of a home. If the wrong shade is chosen for the outside of a home, it will start to fade quicker than it should, leading you to spend more money on another coat of paint within the first year or two. As weird as it is, yellow is the fastest fading color here in southwest Florida. There are certain shades of yellow that work great, but make sure to ask and find out what your painter knows. If they say all colors fade the same, try another painter.


Painting your home should only have to be done every five to nine years, depending on who you hire and what kind of warranty you get. You don’t want to waste money on fresh coats of paint due to fading prematurely if you don’t have to. For this reason, you should listen to the advice of a painter in Venice, Florida to help you decide on the color for your home.


You don’t see a lot of red homes in Florida. The reason is because red is one of those tricky colors that really doesn’t respond well to direct sunlight. The pigments aren’t going to hold up very well. With enough sun exposure, it’s likely to turn pink or orange within a few weeks. If a painter has any experience at all, he or she will persuade you not to go red. Now, there are shades of red that will work. Again, ask your reputable painter.


As much as you might want red for the outside of your home, you need to do what will look best. Depending on the sun your home gets, a Florida painter may be able to suggest ways to integrate red into the color scheme without it being the primary color. A red door or red trim may be possible so you can still enjoy the color without worrying about fading.


The lighter colors you see throughout the homes in Venice, Florida are chosen for a reason. They fare better in the hot Florida sun. The lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. (Side note: this can lower your energy bill for keeping your home cool, too! Bonus!) This also means you don’t have to worry about fading or other color variations. The color that goes on is the color that remains for a number of years until it’s time to get a new coat of paint.


Your Venice painter should do a consult with you prior to painting your home. At this time, the color of your home will be discussed. Your home painter will be helpful in answering any questions. If the painter doesn’t answer your questions, you might want to hire someone else.