Venice, Florida Home Repaint AdviceWhen you hire a painter in Venice, Florida, they will likely give you some advice in terms of what paints to choose and what needs to be done to your home for proper preparation. Since you want the very best results from your home, it’s best to listen to what they are telling you. A good Venice painter is going to have years of experience under their belt. They aren’t going to mislead you – they are looking out for your best interests. How do you know? They stand behind their work with a warranty. If there is no warranty, you may want to opt for another painting company.


One of the most important advice tidbits you will discuss with a Florida painter is the color in which you want to paint your home. You may have decided on a bright, bold color to help your home stand out from the neighbors. A professional painter will be able to tell you if your color choices will be able to stand the Florida sun or tell you how long you can expect to get from the paint before needing to repaint.


Paint reacts differently in Florida than it does throughout the north because of the heat. As the temperatures rise, the darker paint colors will absorb the heat. As this happens, you run a high risk of your paint fading, even when the best quality paints are used. This is why you don’t see many red homes or very dark colored homes in Florida. Also, lighter colors are easier on the electric bill as they are easier to keep cool. Woohoo!


Your Venice painter wants to make sure you are happy with the outcome of your home for many years. They know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Therefore, they are going to provide you with advice that will help achieve the outcome you want so that you become a raving fan for their business.


Venice, Florida Home Painter Advice 2The advice extends to any work that may need to be done on the outside of your home prior to painting. For example, the stucco on the side of your home may have some cracks running down it. This is often due to settling that happens after construction. Minor cracks can be fixed by your Venice painter. However, not all cracks can be fixed as easily and a professional stucco company may need to be hired. Don’t worry, we know the best stucco repair man, Doug Parsons!


If your painter in Venice, Florida suggests you get the stucco fixed prior to painting, it is in your best interest to follow their advice. In fact, most painters will not even consider starting a project until the stucco is properly repaired. Painting will not cover the cracks. This means that you could be spending a lot of money on painting and your home will still not look its best because of the stucco damage or it could still leak and cause mold damage if cracks are not properly taken care of. Again, don’t worry! This is all discussed up front during the estimate as Steve walks around to check for cracks and such.


A professional painter will level with you in terms of everything in and around your home. They want you to get the most out of your exterior painting. Painters who give you advice are helping you to protect your home against mold and mildew damage that cracks and leaks can cause. Remember, the professional painter will take time to not only give you an estimate of the cost to paint, but help you see damaging cracks and fix them before painting. You can trust a painting company with a long warranty and many years experience.