Your Port Charlotte painter offers you a warranty. That doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear, however. You need to take a good look at the warranty to make sure that it meets the two major components that you want to see. Otherwise, you could have a piece of paper that isn’t really doing you any bit of good. It’s designed to protect your investment and keep you from spending money any sooner than absolutely necessary. Satisfaction Guarantee Painting Warranty


The two major components of a good warranty are that it will cover the quality of the paint and the quality of the painter. Without both of these, you are opening yourself up to problems. They usually go hand in hand. However, an inexperienced painter may only offer you one or the other, which won’t help you in the event that you need something done to your home after they leave.


The quality of paint is a big part of the component. This is issued from the paint manufacturer itself to ensure that the paint lasts as long as they say it will. Some painters will issue a warranty of up to 9 years based on the quality of paint they use. When you hire a Port Charlotte painter, you want to look at this aspect because it could mean the difference of painting your home every 4 years or every 9 years.


Paint will fade out in the Florida sun. However, some formulas are designed to compensate for the sun’s heat better than others. Some of the cheaper paints will fade unevenly and cause an unsightly look to your home. The paint warranty that you receive from a painter in Port Charlotte, Florida can cover this.


The other component has to do with the workmanship of the painter. If you hire a painter, you want to know that they are confident in the work they do. Only the confident will issue you a warranty based on the quality of the work completed. This includes peeling, bubbling, and various other aspects that have to do with the application of the paint.


If a painter is prepping the exterior correctly, painting at the correct time of the day and allowing everything to dry appropriately, there will be no reasons for concern. However, things can go wrong. If you have a warranty in your hand that protects you against these things, you can have the painter come back out to happily service your needs.


Not every Florida painter will issue the same warranty. Therefore, it’s critical that you know the two components to look for before you hire a painter and not accept just any warranty they hand over.