Questions to ask when hiring a painter in Sarasota, FloridaResearch is a very good thing when it comes to choosing a Florida painter. If you fail to ask some important details about your painter, you may end up hurting your home in a number of ways. Every painter has their own way of doing things. However, by arming yourself with some facts, you can ensure you aren’t damaging your home by hiring just any painter in Sarasota, Florida.


You need to know quite a bit about a Sarasota painter before you hire him or her. By taking the time to ask questions, you can find out how they will deal with the various aspects of your home. Since every painter has his or her own way of doing things, you can ensure that those ways are right for you and your home.


First, find out how the painter will charge you. A flat fee is always best, but some painters will charge you hourly or tack on additional fees if they have to come back due to weather conditions. A quote should be provided in writing and cover any little charge that may or may not come after the job has been completed.


Second, it’s important to find out about the painter’s techniques. Some painters will use a sprayer instead of a brush and roller. If a sprayer is used, it can cause uneven paint distribution across the stucco. At first glance, it may look fine. However, at close examination, many of the raised areas of the stucco may not be painted, causing some differences in paint color along the side of the home.


Questions about the painter’s experience also need to be asked. Many painters who are new in the business will give you a low price that seems heavenly. You may only find out too late that when there are problems down the road, the painter is not there; he’s out of business from lack of making a profit. Therefore, it’s necessary to ask a few additional questions. Find out when they received their license from the state and ask for testimonials to ensure they have the experience you are looking for.


If you don’t ask to see if a Sarasota painter has an insurance policy, then it may come as a big surprise when an accident occurs. If a painter were to damage the side of your home – or himself – it could prove to be very problematic and costly. It could even end up as your financial responsibility. Just by asking about an insurance policy, you can save money.


Painters in Sarasota can vary dramatically from one another. The only way to know more about your painter is to do some comparisons and ask lots of questions. Otherwise you could be getting overcharged, end up with uneven paint coverage, or even find yourself paying for medical bills from an accident on your property. No amount of savings is worth those worries; hire a licensed and insured professional painter with a long track record of happy customers.