It might be tempting to let a friend paint your house, especially if they need the money and you are looking at ways to save some money. However, you need a professional Florida painter to paint your house because they understand the needs of your stucco as well as how to navigate around the various obstacles of your house – not to mention a warranty.

On the other hand, I’ve heard it said that if you lend $50 bucks to your brother in law and you never see him again, was it worth it? 🙂  This principle could work for some with painting, as well, but you may need to talk to Judge Judy. I digress…How to Hire a Painting Contractor

The first thing you need to consider is how much experience your friend has as a painter. Very few people really have the experience to paint a house. A good Venice painter will have at least 50 references, which proves that they are able to handle the task of painting your house to give you the effect that you want and leave you happier than the guy who won the lottery!

Now, let’s look at the warranty. A friend isn’t going to provide you with the warranty that a Florida painter will be able to. Most professional painters can issue you a warranty based upon the grade of paint as well as their own workmanship. Burnett Painting offers a 9 year warranty on material and labor, ensuring that your home is well taken care of for the next 9 years – a warranty that is virtually unheard of.

In the hot Florida sun, you need to make sure the paint used is going to be able to stand up to the heat. An unlicensed Venice painter may buy the cheapest quality paint that they can find because they believe that’s the easiest way to turn a profit. The paint will likely fade within a few years and may not provide the even look across the stucco that you need to ensure a quality paint job on your home.

A professional Florida painter is going to pay attention to the paint that is being purchased. This includes the ability to handle the heat as well as one that will work with the type of stucco you have on the side of your home. The right brushes will also be selected to ensure that all aspects of the stucco are covered so that you don’t have any bare spots on closer inspection.

Your friend may be a Venice painter, but if they aren’t licensed, insured, and have experience with external painting, it may prove to be disastrous. Professionals have the equipment necessary to get to all of the hard to reach areas of your home. Going around bushes and AC units can be tricky business. The amateur painter may skip around those areas quickly – and it will show in the finished product.

The only way to avoid having your house looking great for 9 years, is to avoid hiring an unlicensed friend. A quality, licensed Florida painter will have the experience and skill set to give you a great looking home. If you choose Burnett Painting, you’ll have a licensed painter and a friend!