Many Venice, Florida homes have stunning pillars that act as beacons to the entrance of your home. They could be cylindrical or rectangular, but most homes have them. They’re always painted one color or another, but you could be missing out on some design elements to your home if they’re painted in a very neutral color or blend in with the trim of your home.


stand out columns on homeThe reason you chose pillars for the exterior of your home may be because you thought they added character to your home. That means you need to treat them with the attention they deserve by coordinating them with the exterior of your home – not matching them. A good Venice painter can not only paint them for you but offer quality design tips to help you decide the best color scheme to go with.


You need to pay attention to the color of your home before you can choose the color of your pillars. The location of the pillars will also play a part in the color because you need to make sure that you get the most impact based on where they’re located in comparison to the front door.

If you’re like most Florida homes in Venice, your front door is a darker shade than the rest of your home. This is done for a reason – to add contrast to your home so that it doesn’t look monotone and boring. The same should be done with your pillars. You can have a painter deck them out in the same color as your front door, garage, trim, your house or a third or fourth color that is complementary to the ones you’ve currently got in the mix.


Another design method that an experienced Venice painter can offer to your Florida home is a combination of colors that is sponged on to appear like a marble design. This will add magnificent characteristics to your home so that you can be the talk of the neighborhood with the most stylish pillars around.


There’s no need to ignore your pillars just because they’re there and they’re already painted a particular color. You pay attention to the colors of the walls in your home and the landscape you place around the outside of your home, so changing out the colors of the pillars to something new and exciting should also be considered.


You should take every opportunity you can to add character and charm to your Venice, Florida home so that it’s different than the rest of the homes in your area. It will add to your happiness with your house and it will also improve your resale opportunities should you ever decide to part with your home.


When you’re ready to take the plunge and go for an exciting look with your pillars, you just need to call a painter to come to your home. You and the painter will sit down for a design consultation to go over your options. Once you choose the color that will coordinate with the exterior of your home the best, you’re ready to watch the transformation begin.

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