When you’re in Florida, you can make it obvious that you’re living in the sunshine state by choosing a color that is representative of your surroundings. If you’re not sure what colors you can get away with, take hints from the world around you by looking at the flora and fauna that Florida is famous for. If you’re still not sure about color schemes, contact a Venice painter and let them help you out with some ideas.


Venice, Florida home repaint colorsPinks, yellows, aquas, terra cotta and many other colors are part of the palette you can choose from when you’re looking to change up the exterior color of your home. Unless your home owner’s association states differently, you can explore many different options that will look stunning and open your eyes to the joys of Florida living.


When you hire a Venice painter, you need to choose a color before any work can begin. If you’ve always had the same color homes, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and go for something completely different. Every state has colors that they are known for and Florida has its very own selection of colors that you can enjoy.

Think about the aspects of Florida that you love the most and your Florida painter will be able to give those touches to your home in Venice. If you love the ocean, then consider various shades of blue. A lighter blue can be applied to the home and darker blues can be applied to the front door and garage doors. If you love the beach, then various shades of tan and beige can be applied to your home.


You can also think bigger and look at the various birds for inspiration. Choose a pale pink house to remind you of the flamingos or ibises and then use trim colors of beige or almond to help add contrast and beauty to your home. There are no rules with the colors of paint you choose, so let your favorite colors shine through to remind yourself that you live in Venice, Florida.


Especially if you used to live in the Northern part of the country, you are probably used to darker colors on your house. Brick reds, dark grays and other colors were always predominantly featured. Just remember that you moved to Florida because you were looking for a change of scenery – and that starts with your home.


A Venice painter can change your whole outlook on your home, one paint brush stroke at a time. Magically transform your house into a Florida paradise in a very tasteful manner. Incorporate colors you never thought were possible with the help and expertise of a professional painter to ensure that you achieve the look you were going for.


The exterior of your home is the first thing that anyone sees when they look at your house. Just by seeing your home, they should know that you live in Florida. If it doesn’t look like Florida, it’s time to call a painter and change that. Befrore you call a painter though you might enjoy this report of how much is cost to paint your exterior! Just