It’s time to have your house painted. As you look for a painter, Venice painters can charge you in very different ways. Some will charge you by the hour and some will charge you by the job. It may seem like the hourly painter is giving you a better deal, however it could be a lot more expensive for you in the long run.


When you look at exterior painting in Venice, Florida, it’s typically a stucco home. Painting stucco can be very time consuming because of the texture. There is a particular art to painting stucco efficiently; however, not all Florida painters understand this. By paying hourly, you may be allowing a Venice painter to get familiar with the stucco process, which could be costing you more than it should.

Is hourly rate painting better than by the project?

Is hourly rate painting better than by the project?


If you want to avoid getting charged too much from a painter, Venice, Florida painters should give you a quote for the entire job, not an hourly rate. When you are given a quote by the job, you know exactly how much the entire job will cost without having to guess, re-evaluate midway or run out of money in the process.


It’s important that your home experiences quality exterior painting. Venice, Florida painters will recognize home obstacles and different stucco repair problems that could lead to spending more time on your home and provide you with a quote based on all of this information. Some painters will charge you more and others will charge you less, but when you get quoted by the job, you know that is the total amount that you will spend.


As you look for a Venice painter, you should be getting quotes from several different companies. Anyone who gives you an hourly rate, kindly ask for an estimate for the whole project. For the exterior painting in Venice, Florida, it’s impossible for a painter to tell you exactly how long it will take to complete the job, but you can rest easily knowing that they aren’t done with the job until your house is completely painted and Burnett 1-800-PAINTING waits until you are completely satisfied, too!


A Florida painter who charges by the hour is harder to compare prices with the rest– who usually charge by the project and ask for half down and the other half when you are ecstatic about the results. You deserve better on your home, which is why you should always ask for a full project quote, not hourly rate.