To recap, the first reason is to create more relationships; after all, life is all about relationships! Reason #2 is this: Think of all the GOOD you can do!

But you are doing good you say? Of course you are! Keep it up! Now, think about all the good you can do beyond what you are already doing. My aim is to be a full time volunteer at Pregnancy Solutions one day. Am I helping now? Yes, not by volunteering, but by financially contributing. Think of all the good that can be done by contributing from not only money, but time and talent, too! I love the Salvation Army’s quote, “Doing the Most Good.” I want to do the most good with what I have and to continue to be able to continue to increase that amount of good, whether increasing money, time, or talent to help out!


Until next time, remember, be all that you can be! 😉 …in the Army or not…Burnett Painting suggests doing-the-most-good-